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Test Run Report
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Test Run Report

Test Run Reports

From the Dashboard, click on the Reports button. A view showing a list of test run reports will appear. This list represents all test case execution reports executed by all testers for the selected project.

alt text

  • The column on the far left displays test execution status:

    • alt text - Passed
    • alt text - Failed
  • The Test Name column lists the scenario name assigned in intaQt.

    • Aalt text next to the test name indicates a bug defined by an administrator is present.
  • The error category specifies the error that occurred in a failed test case.

  • The Tester column shows which user executed the test run.

  • Start Time indicates the time the test run started at.

  • Duration specifies the test run's length.

Filter Test Run Reports

Use the drop-down menus on the right-hand side of the Test Run Report to filter reports according to the project's criteria. alt text

Additional fields may be set by an Administrator

Select and View Test Run Report

Click on a test name from the Reports -> Test Run Report view to see the report's detail page. The top portion of the report contains project-related fields populated with information about the selected test run. The report's header shows the test execution status, the name and may contain different icons next to the name.

alt text

Test Case Icons

Three types of icons are used:

  • Warning icons - Indicate test management characteristics (for example, bugs, approval states).

  • Attachment icons - Indicate attachment types provide attachment preview and downloading.

  • Event icons - Indicate events, such as connection states.

Additionally, clicking the alt text at the top of a report will list test suite executions with the same test suite id that have been executed within the project.

Warning Icons

Several icons may appear next to a test case name, like the example below:

alt text

The following warning icons may appear next to the test suite name:

  • alt text - The test suite execution has been verified.

  • alt text - The test suite execution has been approved.

  • alt text - The test suite execution has been uploaded to an external project management system.

  • alt text - The test suite execution is missing a test category.

  • alt text - Scheduled for deletion. Reports may be deleted by a test manager one of the following ways:

    • Automatic - When a test execution is uploaded to an external test management system, previous executions of that test suite, which have not been uploaded or approved, are deleted.
    • Manual - By clicking delete button alt text in the execution details page.
  • alt text - ALM Status changed after upload to HPQC.

  • alt text - YouTrack ticket missing (only appears if project is integrated with YouTrack).

Attachment Icons

Attachment icons indicate files attached the test suite execution. Clicking on an icon displays its content in a popup. Icons are displayed in the feature file details next to the steps for which there are attachments. Alternately, click the alt text at the top of a report to see a list of all attachments from its execution.

The following attachment icons may appear next to steps in the Feature File details:

  • </> - an .xml file.

  • HTML - an .html file.

  • JSON - A .json file.

  • PCAP - A .pcap file.

  • PNG - A .png file.

  • TXT - a .txt file.

  • alt text - A plaintext file.

  • alt text - An image file.

  • alt text - An audio recording file.

  • alt text - A video file.

  • alt text - Other file type.

Event Icons

Event icons indicate when events such as changes in phone states or SMS transfers occurred. Clicking on the icon shows a popup with the event details.

The following event icons may appear next to steps in the Feature File details:

  • alt text - A change in phone state. May be one of: PhoneConnected, PhoneDisonnected or CallInitiated.

  • alt text - SmsReceived or SmsSent.

  • alt text - SmsReceived or SmsSent.

  • alt text - Other event.

Feature File Details

The middle of the portion of the test contains a copy of the executed Feature File and displays each steps's status:

  • Green - Passed

  • Yellow - Skipped

    • These are steps that are unexecuted following a failed step
  • Red - Failed

Some steps contain additional info indicated by attachment icons or event icons. Clicking on these icons will generate a box containing additional details about the step's content. In some cases, an option to download, preview or remove the additional details is included.

Example alt text

Upon clicking the icon, a drop-down menu will appear: alt text

Test Case Logs

Beneath the feature file, the following trace tabs are available:

  • The test run's Protocol log.

  • The test run's Trace log.

  • The test run's intaQt log.

Clicking on the ˇ symbol next to a log will expand it.

alt text

Enter Defect ID

To apply an existing defect ID to a test run report, click on the Defect box and enter the ID:

alt text

Add Missing Test Category

If a user omits a test category at the time of execution, a alt text will appear next to the test name. The category may be manually added within the test run report.

Click on the report with the missing tag. A Select a test category drop-down menu will appear under the Test Category field:

alt text

Select the correct category from the drop-down menu:

alt text