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Apptest Tutorial

The "Apptest" tutorials will teach you how to run an Apptest with intaQt Studio. Please read below for software requirements and install all of the specified QiTASC products along with the Appium Desktop App.

For reference material, please refer to the intaQt manual's UI Steps Language, UI Steps and Apptest chapter.

1. Prerequesites

The following products must be installed using the QiTASC Cockpit in order to execute Apptests:

  • intaQt (with Android SDK)

  • intaQt Studio

  • adm

  • appium

For installation instructions, please refer to the intaQt manual's intaQt Installation.

Additionally, Java and Android environment variables must be set for the Appium Desktop app to work. If you have not already configured these, you can find instructions in Set Environment Variables.

2. Appium Desktop App Installation

Find the icon below in your desktop after installing the software:

alt text

3. Phone & App Setup

The following section provides information about setting up your phone and installing an application to test on it.

Connect an Android phone via USB port to your PC. The phone must allow USB Debugging, which can be enabled in the Developer Options menu. Your phone may show a dialog asking if you trust the computer it is connected to as a debugger.

Check the box to "remember" your choice and confirm Yes.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to test an app using the Selendroid Test App as an example. Download it here.

Read the Appendix if you want to try out other apps. It contains additional information about how to get an app's APK onto the PC for testing with Appium.

Install the Selendroid Test App with adb install <path-to-apk>:

Windows User

adb install selendroid-test-app-0.10.0.apk

Linux and Mac OS X User

adb install Users/yourUserName/selendroid-test-app-0.10.0.apk

Now that you have installed the required applications and connected an Android phone to your PC, we will create a project and directory structure in intaQt Studio.