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Hardware Prerequisites
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Hardware Prerequisites

Hardware Prerequisites

A valid intaQt License is required in additional to the following hardware and software:


For test cases using phones, the following are required:

  • Android phones need intaQt's modified Android system in order to work in test cases.

  • Snom phones need to log in via an IMS core or an IMS-related service, such as IP-Centrex or PBX.

  • Snom phones also require the phone's IP address when using intaQt. It can be found via the phone's menu. intaQt must be connected to the phone via LAN.

DNS Server

A DNS Server must be configured on the network that is running intaQt and the intaQt Phone Service. If no DNS Server is configured, timeouts may occur.

Hardware and Software

In addition to the machine intaQt and intaQt Studio is running on, and necessary phones are available (Android or Snom), the following hardware might be required to run certain types of test cases:

  • SIM Arrays and SIM Adapter

  • Handover boxes

  • Microphones

  • LAN cables


System Under Test

The System Under Test must be configured and running. This means:

  • Provisioning GUIs and all necessary BSS processes are up and running.

  • All login information and passwords are available.

  • Network infrastructure is accessible.

  • The test scope is defined and test cases are available.