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Intellij Features

Useful IntelliJ IDEA Features

intaQt Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA, which has a comprehensive online documentation. These provide extensive information about the IDE, including its features, navigation, settings & preferences, and non-intaQt specific troubleshooting.

When using intaQt Studio, the IntelliJ IDEA features mentioned below are particularly useful: Keyboard Shortcuts and the Version Control built-in.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts are commonly used when managing test cases.


  • These shortcuts work with standard English keyboards. For other languages, the shortcuts may be different.

  • - in the Mac OS column indicates that it uses the same keyboard shortcut as Windows/Linux.

Features, Navigation, Settings&Preferences Windows/Linux Mac OS Function
Search Everywhere Double-Shift - brings up a window with a search field
Search Folder CTRL + Shift + F - brings a window that searches for filenames and content within the folder selected in the project tree window
Select Text Shift + ← , ↑, → or ↓ - selects text
Toggle Line Comment CTRL + / Control + / comments/un-comments out the line(s)
Refactor Variable Names Click on the the variable and then Shift + F6 - refactors the variable names
Move Line(s) of Text CTRL + Shift + ↑ or ↓ Command + Shift + ← , ↑, → or ↓ moves the selected line(s) of text
Go to Step Definition Select the step in the Feature File, then CTRL Command + clicking on it brings up the Stepdef where it has been defined
Trigger Autocompletion CTRL + Space - triggers a list of available steps
Document Stepdef/View Documentation CTRL + Q CTRL + J shows Stepdef documentation of the selected step when in a Feature File. This shortcut is also used to create/edit documentation for the Stepdef itself

For more information: Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Reference

Version Control

IntelliJ IDEA's version control feature, which is available in intaQt Studio, can be enabled with various version control systems. This allows for commonly-used tasks (such as git commit or git push) to be performed from within intaQt Studio. Additionally, the version control feature also shows side-by-side diffs of selected commits, provides a gitlog diagram, and lists file histories.

For more information: Version Control with IntelliJ IDEA