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View Elements

The Elements declared in a UI Steps's View refer to Elements on the webpage. These include text, checkboxes, buttons and drop-down menus. Views only need to include the webpage's Elements that are relevant for the UI Steps. A webpage is considered as loaded when all the Elements (aside from dynamic Elements) have been declared are available.


elem <element Name> := <selectorType Selector> <selector String> [<modifier String>]

The View Element.


  • element - The name assigned to the View Element

  • selectorType (optional) - The selector type

    • Maybe be one of: xpath (default), accessibilityId, androidUIAutomator, className, css, id, iOSClassChain iOSNsPredicateString, iosUIAutomation, linkText, name,partialLinkText, tagName or windowsAutomation
  • selector - The selector

    • If the selector contains quotation marks, such as //*[text()="Cancel", these must be changed to single quotes, thus //*[text()='Cancel'
  • modifier (optional) - Describes the visibility or presence of an Element on a webpage

    • It can be one of visible (default), present, not visible, not present or dynamic


view form_Home
    url ""
    elem selectContent := "html/body/form/p[1]/select" [visible]
    elem textArea   := "html/body/form/p[2]/textarea" [visible]
    elem checkVisibility  := "html/body/form/p[3]/input" [visible]
    elem clickInput := "html/body/form/p[4]/input[2]" [visible]
    elem productName  := css ".product-name" [present]
    elem buyButton    := linkText "Buy"

Element Modifiers

  • visible (default) - The Element is visible to the eye and intaQt will wait until the Element has loaded

  • present - The Element is not visible to the eye, but still present on the page

  • not visible - The Element is not visible to the eye

    • It may or may not be present on the page
  • not present - The Element is not present on the page, and therefore not visible to the eye

  • dynamic - The Element has to be visible only when there is an interaction with it

    • This means on page load it does not have to be present or visible
    • The dynamic modifier is frequently used with Elements that are part of Action chains and are not present in the document object model (DOM) before the Action chain starts processing