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Technical Prerequisites for UI Steps (Web and Apptest)

Testing websites with the UI Steps language requires Selenium, which is included with intaQt. Testing apps requires either Selenium or Appium. Appium may be installed via the QiTASC Cockpit.

UI Steps- and Apptest-specific configurations, as well as APK information are available within this chapter.

Supported Browsers

The UI Steps language is supported by the following browsers:

  • Firefox

  • Chrome

  • Internet Explorer

  • Microsoft Edge

Configurations for UI Steps Testing

The following configurations are described in this chapter:

  • Appium - Activates Appium, which is used for testing apps

    • Activating Appium will deactivate Selendroid, which is activated by default when running intaQt
    • Note that Selendroid is not the same as Selenium
  • AppTest - Enables setting app-specific configurations at the project level as well as server ports

  • iOS Phones - Configures iOS Phones

  • Selenium - Configures browsers and profiles for testing websites with the UI Language

  • APK Management - Shows how to find a package's name and how to update the APK version from the command line.

Additional Required Configurations

In addition to the configurations described within this chapter, the following must also be configured to use the UI Steps language: