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File Built-ins

Troubleshooting: File Built-in

File Used by Other Process When Writing to It

When trying to write text to a file with the functions such as File.append or File.write(), the operation might fail with the following error message:

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

This usually happens when repeatedly trying to write text to a file created during the test run, especially on Windows machines with anti-virus clients installed. In such cases, the anti-virus software might open that file to scan for malicious content.

If this happens the moment that a command such as File.append or File.write() is invoked, the intaQt process can therefore not open and write in the file. This results in the above error.


The following are suggestions for how to solve the error:

  • Mark the file, or folder where it will be created, as ignored in the anti-virus client.

  • Disable the anti-virus client during the test run.

  • Adapt the code in the Stepdef, if possible, to write the entire text into the file at once instead of repeatedly writing lines to the file.