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No Test Output
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No Test Output

Troubleshooting: No Test Output

Test Case Terminated Upon Start

There are several reasons why a Terminated status message may appear in intaQt Studio Output Window.

alt text

Reasons for this include:

  • There is something wrong with the test case.

  • There is a problem in the configurations.

  • intaQt is not running.

Troubleshooting: Feature File Structure

Every test case must start with a Feature and a Scenario or a Scenario Outline if there are Examples. Refer to General Concepts: Feature Files for instructions on how to structure test cases.

If Feature is not written at the top of the Feature File, or if there is only Scenario instead of Scenario Outline when there are Examples, the test case will terminate upon its execution, and an error message like the one below will appear in the log window.

alt text