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General intaQt Studio Navigation

The image below demonstrates the different intaQt Studio windows.

alt text


  • The Project Window lists projects the currently-opened project and provides access to its directory structure.

  • The Test Case Editor is used for writing and editing test cases.

    • Running test cases involves a command, which can be accessed from menus or clicking on a "play" button.
  • The Output Window displays log output and execution results for the currently-running test case, or the most-recently run test case.

Connection Status

The Connection Status displays the following states:

  • alt text

    • This shows that intaQt is running.
  • alt text

    • This is displayed when a test case is running.
  • alt text

    • If the Disconnected symbol appears, check that intaQt is running and that the licenses are valid. If using a Web license, check that there is an internet connection.