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QiTASC conQlude Reporting Service

The "conQlude" tutorials will demonstrate how to use conQlude to view test suite execution results. After following these tutorials, you will be able use conQlude to understand and check the results from executed intaQt tests suites.

1. Required QiTASC Products

The following products must be downloaded from the QiTASC Cockpit in order to execute Apptests:

  • intaQt

  • intaQt Studio

Before starting this tutorial, you should know how to execute a test case with intaQt and have a test case to execute.

For installation instructions, please refer to the intaQt manual's intaQt Installation.

You need a conQlude license and access to your project's conQlude website.

2. Launch intaQt

To use the conQlude, you first need to run the following products:

  • intaQt

  • intaQt Studio

The easiest way to do this is to open the command line and navigate to the QiTASC directory.

Enter the following: Windows User

qitasc start intaqt
qitasc start intaqt-studio

Linux and Mac OS User

./qitasc start intaqt
./qitasc start intaqt-studio

3. Configure conQlude in intaQt Studio

The intaQt configuration must be updated in order to send the test case results to conQlude which can be done in:

  • A project configuration file, submitting only test execution results from this particular project to conQlude.

  • The intaQt configuration file Server.conf. Adding the conQlude configuration to your intaQt configuration file will result in all your projects automatically submitting results to conQlude.

Add following configuration to intaQt configuration file at intaqt/config/Server.conf:

    ReportingService = {
        enabled: true,
        baseUrl: "",
        project: "PROJECT_CODE",
        userName: ""

Change the above values as:

  • enabled - Must be true, otherwise execution results will not be submitted to conQlude.

  • baseUrl - The address of the conQlude website.

  • project - Code for the project, that you want to submits tickets to. You must have permissions to view the project, otherwise you won't be able to see your reports.

  • userName - Your email address. This must be the email address you are using to log into conQlude website.

When you update the configuration file, intaQt will read it automatically. You do not need to restart it.