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intaQt Built-ins

intaQt Built-ins provide out-of-the-box functionality for a range of use cases, such as database connections, XML matching, programming language-specific content generation and utility functions. These predefined functions apply to many contexts and enable writing complex, custom tests.


  • ADB Built-ins - ADB Built-ins provide Android Debug Bridge (Adb) functionality for local and remote phones. They work with both Steps and UI Steps.

  • Add Link to Test Case Report - Appends a URL to the test case report. Appended URLs are listed in the test case report, after the executed Steps. Each hyperlink is clickable and opens the provided URL.

  • Audio Built-ins - Provides intaQt Audio Service functionality to the custom intaQt Steps Language.

  • Attenuator Built-ins - Attenuator Built-ins provide Handover Box functionality to the custom intaQt Steps Language.





  • File Built-ins - File Built-ins provide methods for file system access.

  • Fuzz Built-ins - Fuzz Built-ins provide functions for generating random values, including number ranges, date ranges, strings and making boundary checks.



  • Image Built-ins - Image Built-ins extract 7-segment digits from pictures of displays. An algorithm detects the image's display margins. Additional functions try to recognize the picture's display based on user-specified configurations.


  • JMS Built-ins - JMS Built-ins provide functionality to the Java Message Service (JMS) API, which is a Java Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) API for sending messages between two or more clients. The Built-ins are used to handle the Producer-consumer problem.

  • JSON Built-ins - JSON Built-ins convert JSON encoded structures (numbers, strings, booleans, arrays, objects and null) into Vocable Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) that are natively usable. JSON arrays are converted into lists, while JSON objects are converted into maps consisting of an unordered collection of key-value pairs.


  • LDAP Built-ins - LDAP Built-ins create and execute LDAP commands with a given set of parameters and arguments.

  • Logging Built-in (Println and Trace) - Logging Built-ins print logging messages to the Protocol log and the Trace log, which are located in a test cases's Reports folder.


  • Matching Built-ins - Matching Built-ins verify large XML files (for example, > 1Gb). They stream files to prevent memory issues on standard hardware, rather than building a model of the structure in memory. Matching Built-ins use Matchers, which are objects that hold callbacks, to verify a document.



  • PDF Filling Built-ins PDF Filling Built-ins provide functionality PDF form filling, including setting and retrieving text, changing font sizes and checking checkboxes.


  • Ranges Built-ins - Ranges Built-ins generate a list of inclusive ranges from two integer values. The range can either be consecutive numbers or incremented by a specified Step size.

  • RawSocket Built-ins - RawSocket Built-ins open a Raw Socket Connection to any host on any port, as well as send and receive messages to and from the service.

  • Rater Built-ins - Rater Built-ins implement Rater functionality in custom Stepdefs. They use a CSV file that holds tariff configurations based on call durations or events. Unlike the Rater, the Rater Built-ins do not require an extra configuration.

  • Regex Built-ins - Regex Built-ins create Regexes, as well as match and extract Regex objects.

  • Reporting Built-ins - Reporting Built-Ins enable attaching files to a report and determining the file extension base on its MIME type.


  • SCP Built-ins - SCP Built-ins enable copying files from one SSH server to another.

  • Serial Built-ins - Serial Built-ins send AT commands to any serial device data sticks using intaQt's Steps Language.

  • Sikuli Built-ins - Sikuli Built-ins integrate the Sikuli visual automation and testing tool with intaQt test cases.

  • Sort Built-ins - Sort Built-ins sort lists by passing a function that customizes how the sorting will happen.

  • Sorting and Grouping Maps Built-ins - Sorting and Grouping Maps Built-ins sort and group lists of maps.

  • SQL Built-ins - SQL Built-ins provide functionality to access SQL configured databases, execute queries and retrieve results.

  • SSH Built-ins - SSH Built-ins enable the remote execution of any command on a configured SSH server.


  • Template Built-ins - Template Built-ins enable generating text output to intaQt Steps Language, based on templates and changing data. Two functions are available:

    • Create the template from string or file.
    • Process the data model containing the missing values to the template, and replace the template tags with missing values.
  • Text Splitter Built-ins - The Text Spliter Built-ins split a string argument at the newline or carriage return/line feed characters and return a list of lines. CR/LF characters are removed from the line endings.

  • Timer Built-ins - Timer Built-ins periodically execute a reactor's function after an optional initial delay, without halting the feature execution.



  • XML Built-ins - XML Built-ins enable processing XML strings. Their two main functionalities involve decoding XML into a map and evaluating XPath to string.


  • YAML Built-ins - YAML Built-ins parse YAML files. The created node object is a tree structure, which can be queried.