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Create Project

Create Project

Open intaQt Studio and check the connection status widget at the bottom-right corner to confirm that intaQt started and that intaQt Studio was able to connect to it:

alt text

1. Create Directories

Create a new intaQt project, Select File -> New -> Project...:

alt text

Select intaQt and click the Next button.

Give your project a name:

alt text

2. Create a Glue Path

If you already have one configured in your server.conf, you can skip this step.

Create a Glue path by right-clicking on your project name, which is on the left-hand side of the window.

Select New -> File. Name the file Glue.conf and paste the following:

Glue {
    path = ["steps"]

This configuration tells intaQt where Steps files will be loated.

3. Create Directories and Configurations

Create a folder called steps directly in the project.

Right click on the project name -> New -> Directory, and write the Steps:

alt text

Click on OK, and it should result in:

alt text