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Common Error Messages
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Common Error Messages

Common Error Messages

The following error messages are known to commonly occur. They are often the result of typos, incorrect formats or hardware problems.

Error Message Cause / Solution
<phone Identifier> is not a valid identifier for a phone. This identifier name has not been assigned to a phone. For example, Given a phone as A
Can't initialize phone, device is not IDLE and therefore cannot synchronize. May be one of:
  • The phone is not working properly
  • The adb restarted because intaQt lost connection the phone.
  • Could not acquire a phone of type ... intaQt cannot find the phone(s). Check if they are connected properly.
    Did not detect a connect
    Didn't detect an incoming call
  • Check if the phones are are connected and working properly.
  • Check if the phones are in Airplane Mode, and if reception is good enough to make and receive calls.

    If the phones are working properly and this error message still occurs, increase the timout duration for how long the phones should wait detect the incoming call and/or ring before they connect.
  • Error running ldapsearch The network is likely down. Check the internet connection.
    ERROR_UNSPECIFIED Phones have lost connection to the network.
    Expected 011234567 to call, but it was +4911234567 The number format defined on the scenario is not the same format was what intaQt is expecting.
    intaqt.fq cannot be cast to
    intaQt cannot identify certain characters. Ensure that the correct type of quotation marks ("") are being used.
    INVALID_COUNTRY_ID Ensure that + was entered before the phone's MSISDN
    InvalidPropertyValueReason (CDR Verification) The property has been found, but does not have the expected value.
    line &lt;number>:&lt;position> extraneous input '"/path/to/rater/<TARIFF>.csv"' expecting {']', ','} The wrong character(s) has been used. Check the file at the indicated line/position and correct the errors.
    Not a valid phone type: android Phone types are case-sensitive. Ensure that Android is capitalized.
    PropertyNotFoundReason (CDR Verification) The ticket does not have the expected property.
    Tariffs '<Tariff Name>' should cost 0.09 (0.09), but was 0.05 The expected value was not met. Check tariffs and calculation.
    telephone number: null is not valid Ensure that all zeros (0) are in the correct places. For example, A.int00 and not A.int0.
    The originating number doesn't match: it is +436604229xxx but should be: 06604229xxx Phones expect X.local and not X.number.
    PropertyNotFoundReason (CDR Verification) The ticket does not have the expected property
    InvalidPropertyValueReason (CDR Verification) The property is found but does not have the expected value
    Unknown step on line This error message appears if the Glue Path does not exist or is incorrect. This message will appear even if there are no stepdefs in use.