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Getting Started

Getting Started

The QiTASC Resource Center contains documentation for different products and different purposes:

  • User manuals: These are product-specific reference manuals that focus on syntax and examples. These are most helpful if you know the specific problem you are trying to solve and have an idea about how to do it using INTACT, but need help finding the right way to do it.

  • Tutorials: Our collection of tutorials provide step-by-step instructions. These are best for if you are new to using INTACT and want explicit instructions and a single piece of information that show you your workflow show look from start to end.

Reference Material for Getting Started with INTACT

If this is your first time using INTACT, please see Getting Started with INTACT to get familiar with the basics of INTACT and INTACT Studio.

Hardware Prerequisites, Installation and Configuration

Additionally, we have Tutorials for:

Reference Manual List

The following product-specific reference manuals are available:

  • Intact Manual: This is our "main" manual which contains reference materials about the INTACT languages and features used to create your test cases. This manual also includes installation, configuration and troubleshooting information.

  • INTACT Verification: This manual provides reference material about the INTACT Verification tool, including syntax and examples as well as configuration.

  • INTACT Client: Our command line interface, INTACT Client, enables you to execute INTACT tests in continuous integration environments such as Jenkins and Team City.

  • INTACT Studio: INTACT Studio, based on IntelliJ IDEA, is the IDE used to create, edit and manage INTACT test cases.


  • INTACT Tutorials: This site is home to our new step-by-step guides that help you get acquainted with INTACT features.

  • QiTASC Newsroom: Our regularly-updated Newsroom contains HTML tutorials as well as instructional video tutorials.