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Configure and Start intaQt on the Remote Machine
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Configure and Start intaQt on...

Configure and Start intaQt on the Remote Machine

1. Configuration

Add the following configuration block into the Server.conf, which is located in QiTASC/intaqt/config:

Intact2ApiAdapter = {
        adapterPort: 36012

The intaQt's API Adapter is configured to listen on port 36012.

2. Start intaQt on the Remote Machine

It is important that intaQt (with adm) is running for the duration of the Jenkins usage. Start intaQt from the command line and navigate to the QiTASC directory on your remote machine.

Enter the following commands: Windows User

qitasc start adm
qitasc start intaqt -a

Linux and Mac OS User

./qitasc start adm.exe
./qitasc start intaqt -a

The -a that follows start intaqt must be added for the phones to communicate properly with adm.

It is a good practice to reserve an intaQt license exclusively for Jenkins usage. This is to avoid conflicts in case non-CI projects also need to be run.