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intaQt Verification

intaQt Verification is used to ensure that the System Under Test is working as expected by checking tickets that can be verified according to predefined rules. It can be done offline or online. In both cases, tickets are collected during/after test case execution.

Verification uses rules that consist of criteria defining test cases' expected behaviors and outcomes and applied against the collected tickets. The output produced is a report showing how the tickets were analyzed and which tickets do not comply with the rules. For example, verifying that a phone call was received in a specific number format or that an event was charged the expected amount.

  • In offline verification, using the intaQt Verifier application, tickets are collected after a test case has been executed and matched against the test case's results.

  • In online verification, verification steps are executed in live test cases using intaQt Studio or intaQt Client. Tickets are collected during the test case execution and verified against a set of predefined rules. The results are available by default in the project's reports folder. The main difference is that in offline verification, the tickets are stored and verification can be run without another test case execution.

Additionally, CDRs can be created using the CdrSet built-in, which is described in the intaQt Manual's Built-ins chapter.