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Audio and Speech Channel Steps and Compound Steps

The intaQt Audio Service enables the use of Steps and Compound Steps for audio recordings, audio matching and speech channel monitoring.

This section includes information about Steps and Compound Steps used for:

  • Audio recording, which starts and stops recording a voice call or a portion of it.

  • Audio matching, which compares an audio recording to a reference file.

  • Accessing recordings, which are available as report attachments and as ExecutionContextObjects.

  • Speech channel monitoring, which is used to confirm that sounds are created by both parties and audible to each other.

A dedicated directory contains the recordings that are accessed by the Audio Service for matching and speech channel monitoring. intaQt provides a file-watching mechanism that automatically synchronizes files and updates the directory upon startup.

Using the Audio Service

A Raspberry Pi running the audio service must be mapped for every phone. Device-specific information is available in the Audio Service configuration section.

The following additional configuration information is available for each Audio Service use case: