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Only a Certain Number of Phones is Visible on Adb (Linux)
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Troubleshooting (Linux Machines): Only a Certain Number of Phones is Visible on adb

A USB3.0 and Intel xHCI performance issue might arise with certain chipsets on Linux machines that limits the amount of connected USB devices that can be seen by adb and intaQt. This is more likely to be a problem when a large number of devices are connected.

The following systems are known to be affected:

  • BIOS - ASUS / American Megatrends 4.6 UEFI BIOS

  • Chipset- Q87T / Intel Q87 Chipset

Note: Other models and chipsets may also be affected.

Solution 1. Reboot into BIOS/Firmware menu. 2. Browse to the Advanced section. 3. Browse to the USB Configuration section.4. Locate theIntel xHCI Mode option. 5. Change this option to Disabled. 6. Save BIOS settings. 7. Reboot machine. 8. Validate that there are no XHCI USB devices by running the following command: lsusb -t.