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QiTASC Installer

The QiTASC Installer is used for installing and updating different intaQt applications.

The following platform-specific downloads are available:

Important! Linux and Mac OS users must enter chmod +x qitasc from the QiTASC directory to give the QiTASC Installer executable permissions.

Command Line Instructions

All installer commands are prefixed with qitasc and followed by the command. To access the installer, navigate to the intaQt directory.


Windows User

qitasc <actionType> <name ProductName>

Linux/Mac OS User

./qitasc <action Type> <name ProductName>


  • actionType - The action being performed by the installer

  • name (optional for some actions) - The product addressed by the action


Windows User

qitasc install intaqt-studio.exe

Linux/Mac OS User

./qitasc install intaqt-studio

Executable Commands

The QiTASC Installer executes the following commands:

  • install - Downloads all files for clean installation

  • update - Only downloads the needed files for incremental upgrade of the version

    • If product name is not provided, all products are updated
  • clean - Brings the product directory to initial state

    • It removes all unknown files but keeps configuration files
  • remove - Uninstalls product completely

    • Deletes the product directory
  • launch - Launches the product

  • list - Lists the products available to install


  • Product name is mandatory for remove, launch, start and stop.

  • Product name is optional for install, update and clean. If no product name is assigned to these actions, it will apply to all products.