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HTTP Built-ins and Custom Step Definitions

After completing the set of "HTTP Built-ins and Custom Step Definitions" tutorials, you will be able to create and use different ways of working with HTTP requests and analyzing corresponding responses using intaQt language. We will start by creating simple examples of requests to using intaQt Studio as an editor.

Required QiTASC Products

The following products must be downloaded from the QiTASC Cockpit in order to execute Apptests:

  • intaQt

  • intaQt Studio

The easiest way to do this is to open the command line and navigate to the QiTASC directory.

Enter the following: Windows User

qitasc start intaqt
qitasc start intaqt-studio

Linux and Mac OS Users

./qitasc start intaqt
./qitasc start intaqt-studio

For installation instructions, please refer to the intaQt manual's intaQt Installation. For reference material, please refer to the intaQt manual's HTTP Built-ins.